Belly Cake

I was commissioned to make a baby shower cake over the weekend. I wanted to do something different and special for the mom to be, I also wanted to try something that I’ve never done before.


I decided to do a belly cake, I’ve personally never seen one at a baby shower before and it was something different…not the general two tier cake you normally see.

What I used:

Small Pyrex bowl
Large Pyrex bowl
6-inch cake pan
10-inch cake pan

I baked four cakes, two in the Pyrex bowls and two in the cake pans. The ones in the cake pans were used to add some height and servings to the cake.

The cake is vanilla with buttercream frosting and red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Here are some pics:


This is the cake with the crumb coat before the fondant goes on.


This is the bottom half of the dress.



Adding the top half



When I started the cake, I really wasn’t sure what design I was going to do. I knew what colours I was going to use but for the most part I just freestyled the design.



After cutting and cleaning up the corners, I did cut outs with the small blossom flower cutter. I was originally going to do a straight border but decided on this instead.


The end result!


For the flower I used heart-shaped cutters and them shaped them.



Feel Good Friday Cupcake: White Chocolate w/ Amaretto

Cheers to the weekend!


This week I decided to try out something with a little bit of liqueur.

I started out with a basic white cupcake recipe and basically dressed up the cupcake from there.

I started by melting the white chocolate in the microwave to fill the cupcakes, you can also use a double boiler for this step. After the chocolate was melted, I added a tablespoon of Amaretto to the melted chocolate and mixed it together.


To fill the cupcakes I used piping tip #12 to make the hole in the middle.

After filling the cupcakes, I put the tops back on.





I used a basic buttercream icing and added Amaretto to it as flavour. I piped on the buttercream with no particular style in mind, hence the fact that they’re all different. That’s the beauty of freestyle piping!

Have fun!