Cake and Cupcakes

I love birthdays, I’m always looking forward to the birthdays of friends and family because it gives me a chance to make them a cake. Sometimes I feel like I’m more excited about their birthday than they are!

This cake is for a young lady who I’ve known for more than half her life, she was celebrating her 20th birthday, she loves pink and wanted something special to celebrate with her friends, she also happens to be a close family friend.

The cake is a three layer 6″ vanilla cake, iced and filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.


She wanted two different kinds of cupcakes, we decided to go with Chocolate and Lemon, for the Lemon cupcakes I actually put a little twist to it and added some Grey Goose Vodka to the filling, so they were actually Grey Goose lemon cupcakes.

I adorned the cupcakes with her birthday message and little flowers.


She loved, loved, loved the finished product. She is like a younger sister to me, considering her and my younger sister are a year apart and good friends themselves, I was happy that I was able to make it all possible for her.

Avian's cake


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