Feel Good Friday Cupcake: White Chocolate w/ Amaretto

Cheers to the weekend!


This week I decided to try out something with a little bit of liqueur.

I started out with a basic white cupcake recipe and basically dressed up the cupcake from there.

I started by melting the white chocolate in the microwave to fill the cupcakes, you can also use a double boiler for this step. After the chocolate was melted, I added a tablespoon of Amaretto to the melted chocolate and mixed it together.


To fill the cupcakes I used piping tip #12 to make the hole in the middle.

After filling the cupcakes, I put the tops back on.





I used a basic buttercream icing and added Amaretto to it as flavour. I piped on the buttercream with no particular style in mind, hence the fact that they’re all different. That’s the beauty of freestyle piping!

Have fun!


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