A Guinness fueled St. Paddy’s Day.

I cannot wait to make this!!!

sweet deas cupcakes

For St. Paddy’s day I wanted to make something special for dinner for my family that didn’t include Corned Beef or Cabbage, but was still “Irish” in nature. I found the perfect recipe for a Black & Tan Irish Macaroni and Cheese on the Cupcake Rehab Blog. Although Black & Tan’s are not traditionally Irish:

Black and Tan is a drink made from a blend of pale ale, usually Bass Pale Ale, and a dark beer such as a stout or porter, most often Guinness. Sometimes a pale lager is used instead of ale; this is usually called a half and half. Contrary to popular belief, however, Black and Tan as a mixture of two beers is not a drink commonly consumed in Ireland. Indeed, the drink has image problems in parts of Ireland and elsewhere due to the association with the Royal Irish…

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